Amazon Prime – “Thumby” (Series)
Amazon Prime – “Treat Yo Self” (Series)
Amazon – “Wig Reveal (Mother’s Day)”
Amazon Echo – “40+ Ways to Smart Home”
Amazon Echo – “Pop Lock (Father’s Day)”
Amazon Echo – “Fun Facts”
Amazon – “Cascade”
Tech Pod Reel (2017)

Amazon Social

As a member of the Social Content Lab within Amazon’s internal creative agency, I was responsible for pitching concepts, designing, and overseeing the production of video and animation content for Brand, Echo, and Prime across all social platforms.

Our team emphasized quick turn efficiency and scalability, and each project was data tested to find durable learnings for improved effectiveness.

Initially, my pod focused on automation and scalable creative in support of dynamic text and product images. This culminated in the “Fun Facts” project, an ambitious foray into audience-dependent targeted content.


Art Director


After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator